Since our opening in 2009, Studio Linea Home Staging & Redesign has been the stager of choice by some of the GTA’s top REALTORS®, custom home builders and private clients alike.

A proud and registered member of R.E.S.A. (Real Estate Staging Association).


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is Studio Linea Registered?

Studio Linea Home Staging & Redesign is a proud and registered member of REAL Estate Staging Association (RESA). RESA® is the largest network of professional stagers dedicated to advancing professionalism and excellence in real estate staging.

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What If I Already Have Furniture?

Studio Linea Home Staging & Redesign has worked with many clients in redefining spaces using existing furnishings and pieces. Ask us about our consultation and space planning services.

Isn't Home Staging Just Interior Design?

Home Staging and Interior Design differs greatly. Interior Design is aimed at personalizing a space to reflect the homeowner’s specific taste and style. Home Staging on the other hand is meant to neutralize a space in order to appeal to a wider range of potential buyers.

Does Staging Apply to Exteriors As well?

The simple answer is yes. A property’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers see and adding curb appeal is integral to the overall impression they go away with.

Why Use a Professional Home Stager?

Home staging practices were introduced a long time ago by developers, builders and later on by real estate brokers in order to give potential buyers a visual sense of livability of the space, a lived-in look, making them fall in love with the property and present an offer.

The outcome has been revolutionary in the real estate market. Home staging has become more popular and affordable – four empty walls are no longer appealing. he art of home staging allows a potential buyer to envision themselves living in the home with their own personal furnishing, accessories and artwork. It is a fact that staged homes are easier to sell – in most cases they sell faster and for higher prices in comparison to un staged home in the same neighbourhood.

Staging has a significant effect on how quickly a house sells and for how much. It’s very similar to the way you present yourself when you want to make a positive impression. You’re showcasing your house in its best possible condition. Your real estate agent is the most knowledgeable professional to assess and prepare an action plan. He/she will market, advertise, campaign your house to get maximum exposure. Usually, they offer general guidelines on how to present the property, suggesting perhaps a general clean-up and de-cluttering (the minimum expected). There is so much more involved that a keen eye is not enough; Home staging techniques, principles of design and a little bit of psychology (adopting the buyer’s perspective and identifying anything that might create a negative impression) will definitely bring a successful outcome.

We recommend before listing your property on the market, investing first in a reputable, professional certified home stager. Your property will show in promotional materials, on the Internet and be appraised to a higher value.

What Services Do You Offer?

Studio Linea Home Staging & Redesign offers a number of services essential to the sale of a property. As a Selected Certified Home Stager, we offer the following services in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas.

Occupied, Vacant and Model Homes

Consultation, Space Planning, Decluttering

Furniture Rental Services

Still Have Questions?

Studio Linea Home Staging & Redesign is here to answer all your home staging and redesign questions. Give us a call today!